In the KED program, the teacher accommodates and leads the students´ different ways of learning. This demands a different mind set because the teacher is not only teaching and lecturing, but she or he is first and foremost the students´ partner and coach in learning.

A teacher´s role in the KED program consists of four parts: being a personal coach, a general coach, a subject expert, and a team member:

  • Personal coach: Each teacher is a personal coach for the students belonging to the teacher´s “base group.” Personal coaching includes instructing and counseling the students on their knowledge, personal, and social development.
  • General Coach: The teacher serves as a support resource for all students in the school, teaching the students how to learn, mediate and explain general strategies. The teacher also serves as a role model for students.
  • Subject teacher: As a subject expert, the teacher, in collaboration with his colleagues is responsible for planning and conducting workshops, seminars, lectures and other activities in steps and thematic courses. The collaboration between teachers is done locally at the school as well as with teachers from other schools. The teachers also participate in the joint work to develop and modify the step and thematic courses on the Learning Portal.
  • Team member: The teachers in a school are organized into teams. The teachers in these teams work together to plan, review, develop, and evaluate their work.