Welcome To DPS Abohar

DPS Abohar is a progressive chain of schools with a goal to create a generation of self-regulated, future-ready and independent learners. We focus on an all-round development of each child while also providing them with a plethora of opportunities to explore their creativity, build 21st century skills and help them develop into global citizens.

Personalized learning and clear goals

In the KED Program, every student sets their goal, has a working plan, starting with short-term goals for the week to come, medium-term goals for the semester and long-term goals for the school years and beyond

Educational and Social Mission

DPS Abohar is committed to both quality education and social well-being - long-term commitment to excellence and world-leading standards in schools and sustainable development.

DPS Abohar Education

Dps Abohar is Punjab's first KED school and best CO-ED day school of Abohar from last six consecutive years.

Why choose DPS Abohar

The KED program empowers students with the knowledge and skills to meet the complex demands of the modern world as responsible individuals.

KED Program

As the world is changing – education needs to change too. The coming generations need to be prepared for a world that evolves constantly. The KED Program gives students the knowledge along with the skills to communicate, learn independently, think critically, and work in teams, all of which make them future-ready.

Best CBSE School in Abohar

DPS Abohar is cited as one of the best schools in Abohar. The school has graduated 3 alumni batches who have gone on to some of the most prominent universities in the world. DPS Abohar is the best CBSE school in Abohar because it integrates the national curriculum with the KED Program which emphasizes on personalized education for each child. The school has a world class infrastructure that highlights its spirit of openness and transparency. We utilize technology enabled classrooms, STEM learning, Design Thinking, Skill Labs to make our students future-ready.

Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon is now an IB Candidate School offering MYP for grades 6 and 7 from academic session 2023.


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School Gallery

We believe in providing our students with avenues to explore their creativity, grow their knowledge and interact with other KED learners who are part of the KED community. Adventure camps, workshops, exhibitions, presentations, orientations, and community events give our students ample opportunities to have varied experiences.

Dps Sports Academy

Our school’s Sports Academy is equipped with top-notch facilities, providing students with the perfect platform to excel in various sports.Check out these glimpses of our state-of-the-art sports facilities!