DPS Abohar’s mission is to develop and operate outstanding schools where students, through personalized learning and clears goals will stretch their boundaries and learn more than they thought possible.

Our mission is both educational and social: a long-term commitment to excellence and world-leading standards in schools and education.

As a company of experienced teachers and educators, we are convinced that all children can grow beyond what is thought possible, if we take the time and have the skills to identify their unique individual needs and talents. The vast majority of DPS Abohar’s employees work with teaching. A significant feature of DPS Abohar is also the number of employees involved in research and development (R&D) and concept development; more than 30 full time employees work with pedagogical and methodological development and a large fraction of all DPS Abohar’s professional teachers also participate as discipline or methodology specialists serving the entire network of schools. This emphasis on applied research and development in schooling is unique. Pedagogical development in most countries tend to focus on either academic research  distant from application in real schools  or daily development of methodology  performed by individual teachers or schools, but never replicated.

The school as most of us know it, was an invention of the late 19th century. It was created to provide a skilled workforce for the new society.Mass education for mass manufacturing.

Today’s school should prepare for a different world. Personal responsibility and collaboration, globalization, technology and a career of life long learning.

Children who are given the opportunity to experience this education will not only learn more, but will also leave school as empowered and confident human beings  better equipped to take on the challenges and responsibilities of universities and working life.

As a company with its roots in the business community, we also know that an individualized education with clear goals provides a strong preparation for a future where very few will have identical professions and where all will have to have the flexibility to change working habits, skills and jobs several times.