DPS Abohar comes under the aegis of DPS Society. DPS Society is an educational body which is very well known and trusted in the private education sector in India.Throughout its remarkable history and progress, this society has developed many brilliant alumni who have served or are still serving their country in various capacities. DPS Abohar joins this endeavour with a view to create a school that encourages lifelong learning.

This is achieved by teaching/ learning with a difference. Children at DPS Abohar will be talking, exploring, discussing and learning the way they do best through the KED Program. This school is the second school in Asia following the KED program, a program conceptualized in 1999 in Sweden. Over 80 schools globally have adopted the KED program across Sweden, UK, USA and now India.

The KED program helps children progress at their own pace and fosters collaboration with ample space for individuality and individual work as well.This is based on the realisation that each student is different and learns at his/her own pace. The KED program focuses on personalized education, individualized goals and creates students who take responsibility and ownership for their learning. This lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning as students develop the confidence that comes from setting high academic goals and consistently planning on how to meet them, and ultimately achieving more than they thought was possible.

DPS Abohar is  Powered by KED program and aligned to the CBSE curriculum, the aim of the program is to provide a Global perspective along with the ability to be a part of “Vasudev Kutumbakam” by providing the learner opportunity to learn across global curriculums.