DPS Abohar’s educational vision empowers every student to master the challenges of today and shape the world of tomorrow.

Schools around the world are facing extensive challenges. Although education is fundamentally linked to each society’s culture, language and history, the challenges facing governments and educators in different countries have much in common because in this new world our skills and competencies must be continuously renewed and developed. Knowledge and insights must be combined with creativity, initiative and the ability to take personal responsibility. All aspects of our schools are designed to provide a personalized education that meets the needs of each student and is built around the following core values:

All people are different

All people are different they learn in different ways and at different rates. It is our task to meet this challenge. Regardless of his or her ability, each student has the right to a personal challenge every day.

Clear requirements and challenging goals

There is no substitute for excellence in basic knowledge and skills. However, reaching this excellence demands both individual commitment from students and co-operation between students and teachers. With the support of committed, competent and stimulating teachers who both teach and guide, each student through their own hard work, perseverance, and ambition will stretch their limits and achieve more than they thought possible. We highlight good performances as examples to be followed.

Education is for life

We prepare students to live and work in a modern, global societies with their ever-changing challenges and difficult choices. Education gives us the ability to see contexts and patterns, to understand and interpret events, to make decisions and choices, and is a driving force for a continual deepening and broadening of one’s knowledge, skills and understanding. It empowers young people to make a positive contribution to society and to enjoy a fulfilling life. We believe in the international exchange of ideas, students and professionals- as a key element in schools preparing for life in a global society.

Life is what I make it!

We give each student a foundation for personal development where self-discipline, empowerment, a sense of responsibility and confidence in one’s own ability provide the foundation for a constructive attitude.