The student is then assessed to determine what level she will start on and accordingly what strategies she will need to reach her long-term goals. The strategies are not only a list of hours that need to be spent or pages that has to be read. It is also a choice of lectures, lessons, assignments and every thing else that can support the learning. This provides everyone with a working plan, which will be divided into medium-term goals for the semester and short-term goals for the week to come. Each step is followed up in the student´s weekly coaching sessions with her personal learning coach. In progress reviews and development discussions – whenever needed or at least every six months- progress is tracked and the goals and their strategies are reviewed. Is she making progress according to the plan? Does the strategy put in need to change, the efforts, or should the goals be revised?

Every goal should be both challenging and reachable. Every strategy should provide a reasonable roadmap for the learning journey. In the beginning is a process of setting goals, choosing strategies and assessing improvements often strongly geared and guided by the teacher. But step-by-step. our students learn their capabilities and how to stretch them. Setting goals, choosing strategies, doing the job, assessing the result and draw the conclusions for next step. It all becomes part of the learning, just as natural as all the facts and knowledge achieved.